How I Beat Stage 4 Cancer

How I Beat Stage 4 Cancer: How Does it work?
As per official website: what user say about ?In the mid year of 2021, when I got back after a hair style, I inspected myself in the mirror and saw a little, raised, dim earthy colored sore with indistinguishable lines on the last third of my right eyebrow. Having seen, analyzed, biopsied, affirmed and carefully eliminated many destructive injuries in my expert vocation, I realize that I was in hot water.
My Dermatologist did a punch biopsy of the injury which returned from the lab positive, as a Malignant Melanoma. Simultaneously, he biopsied a few sores on my back, and the outcomes returned from the lab as certain for a long time Cell carcinomas. He needed to precisely eliminate these lethal injuries, light the destinations, and furthermore recommended a few courses of chemotherapy. I expressed yes to the medical procedures however no to the radiation and chemotherapy.
I then thought it reasonable to get a late and complete actual test from my General Physician. Alongside a spike in my white platelet count, which was reasonable because of my bodies response to these deceptive diseases, my PSA level had expanded from 2.4 to 5.9 which showed an issue with my prostate organ, as any perusing above 4.0 is viewed as unusual.
My Urologist believed that the expansion in my PSA level and WBC's strength be because of a disease in my prostate organ, and recommended a multi day course of anti-microbials, followed seven days after the fact by another PSA test. The subsequent PSA test, rather than showing a diminished degree of prostaglandin, showed an expanded level from 5.9 to 6.6.
I booked a prostate biopsy which uncovered that I had disease in 25-30% of the organ. My Urologist needed to eliminate my prostate organ, illuminate the region and recommended a few rounds of chemotherapy. He likewise prescribed a full body atomic output to check for the conceivable spread of disease to my bones and different organs.
Meanwhile, I had 3 medical procedures to eliminate the Malignant Melanoma from my eyebrow and the Basal Cell carcinomas from my back.
I had a full body examine (NMR) which uncovered a sore, the size of a pecan, in my left femur, thought to be a sarcoma.
My Oncologist affirmed the analysis and needed to eliminate two creeps of my femur, do a free rib join to supplant the lost bone, tie the bone unite with titanium plates, then, at that point, illuminate the region on various occasions, trailed by a few courses of chemotherapy.
I felt that I had walked away with the malignant growth sweepstakes. Four distinct kinds of lethal malignant growths immediately. What was I to do?
It was late November, 2021, and I am being encouraged by 4 distinct specialists to go through the customary western clinical medicines of "cut, consume and harm" treatment. So I took a survey of each of my doctors by asking them overall a similar inquiry: "In the event that you were in my circumstance, how might you respond"?
My GP expressed that he would have the medical procedures, however not the radiation or chemotherapy. My Dermatologist said that he wouldn't have the radiation or chemotherapy. My Urologist expressed that he would have his prostate organ eliminated, however not go through the radiation or the chemotherapy. My Oncologist expressed that he would have the medical procedure to eliminate the sarcoma. in any case, not have the radiation or chemotherapy. What was happening here? Four clinical experts who regularly endorsed chemo and radiation treatment, however wouldn't follow similar conventions assuming they had the very tumors that I had. What scoundrels!
I actually had many contacts in the clinical field and connected for a long time concerning my situation, and began exploring elective, modern therapies for malignant growth. I observed a review that had surveyed 1200 Oncologists on whether they would adhere to the guideline convention of radiation and chemotherapy assuming they were determined to have particular kinds of disease. Contingent upon the kind of disease, between 85-91% of the Oncologist said NO, that they, themselves wouldn't utilize chemotherapy or radiation to treat their own tumors. WHY? Radiation causes malignant growth, and all of the chemotherapy drugs are cancer-causing, they cause disease! Just read the alerts on names of the chemo drugs: WARNING: POISON; KNOWN TO CAUSE CANCER IN HUMAN BEINGS. The fix is more terrible than the sickness!
Then. in chapel, I had a revelation. That's what I knew if I somehow happened to endure these tumors that I would need to fix myself utilizing modern, elective treatments.
I learned fundamental realities about malignant growth cells. These are cells that basically decline to bite the dust and continue to multiply, unrestrained by the body, to frame masses and injuries that adversely impact fundamental tissues and organs. Ordinary cells kick the bucket inside 3-4 days and are wiped out by the body through the lymphatic framework, the skin, the digestive organs, the liver and the kidneys. Malignant growth is a sickness made by the safe frameworks' failure shut off and kill these abnormal cells and dispense with them from the body.
Malignant growth cells flourish in an acidic climate brought about by pressure, acidic food sources and beverages, parchedness, and ecological pollutants and poisons. Eliminate the acids from the body and you will introduce a negative climate for the development, development and multiplication of disease cells.
Disease cells love a low degree of oxygen in the body. The less oxygen present, the quicker that they can multiply. Oxygenate the body and you will introduce a negative climate for the development of malignant growth cells.
Malignant growth cells are heat touchy. Figure out how to build the inward center temperature of the body and you will kill malignant growth cells.
I addressed many individuals in the USA, Canada, the European Union, India and Australia including doctors, oncologists, comprehensive healers, shamans and particularly to disease survivors; on the off chance that they had data on restoring malignant growth, I needed it.
The most accommodating logical data that I ordered was from a plenty of experts who have devoted their lives to relieving malignant growth and scattering helpful data on modern treatment conventions. Most have distributed books and papers regarding the matter and have useful sites. They were all very experienced, supportive, understanding and were ready to impart their insight to me.
Much more accommodating was the data that I got from malignant growth survivors, individuals such as myself who either by experimentation, or by logical exploration had strived and prevailed with regards to relieving themselves of different sorts of disease. They were totally were ready to share their encounters and therapy conventions, gave esteemed data, positive input, and gave me the fortitude and trust that I also could fix my own tumors by using modern strategies.
I had finished my examination and had a fundamental arrangement:
Detoxification of the body by disposing of every single known poison, toxins and foreign substances.Change of the bodies pH from acidic to basic.Oxygenation of the body.
Fortress of the insusceptible framework by changes in diet, practice and the expansion of nutrients, minerals and normal enhancements to the body.Extremist changes in ones passionate state and a profound state.
Our bodies get besieged with poisons, poisons and pollutants consistently, both from the climate and those that we ingest: destructive food varieties and tainted water; the utilization of PDAs and other electronic gadgets; natural radiation; electronic radiation; electronic commotion; traffic clamor; plane commotion; weighty metals; etcetera and endlessly.
We drink and wash in regular water that is an unoxygenated substance soup, loaded with poisons, pollutants, weighty metals and synthetic compounds like fluoride, chlorine, bromine, mercury and lye.
A few of us are being harmed by combination fillings in our teeth that continually siphon mercury into our bodies where it gathers in our fat cells and minds. A few of us have been presented to lead from paint or old water pipes. Insect sprays, fungicides, estrogen and manufactured chemicals are wild in our food supply. Most pelagic fish, for example, swordfish, fish and sharks are brimming with weighty metals. You wouldn't believe the number of individuals are contaminated by yeasts, organisms, microbes and parasites, and don't know about these diseases.
We should make every effort to eliminate poisons, poisons and toxins from our current circumstance.
Introduce a home water filtration framework. Bring drinking the to an abrupt halt, synthetic soup that comes from your taps.
Whenever you utilize your PDA, put it on speaker mode and hold it away from your head when you are conveying.Have blend filling eliminated from your teeth.
Wear earplugs assuming you are continually immersed with clamor contamination and attempt to try not to be available in exorbitantly uproarious conditions.
Quit eating sullied fish.
Eat just naturally developed meats, poultry and vegetables.
Try not to devour food sources that contain GMO's (hereditarily adjusted organic entities).
Have yourself checked for fundamental diseases and parasites and fix the contaminations assuming need be.
Assuming that you live almost a power plant, air terminal, interstate or some other steady wellspring of unreasonable commotion, move!
Whenever you have eliminated as many wellsprings of contamination, poisons and pollution from your current circumstance the time has come to eliminate them from your body by finishing a full body purify and detoxification. Whenever you detoxify your body, begin from the base and work up. Purify the guts; the urinary plot; detoxify the liver; detoxify the nerve bladder; detoxify the circulatory framework
The inside purifying should be possible at home utilizing a purification pack. Take day to day warm water purifications for 5 days followed with warm espresso douches for 5 days. utilizing the cleanest, flavor free espresso that is accessible.
Scrub the urinary lot by drinking 12-16 ounces of 100 percent natural, unsweetened cranberry juice for 7 days. Assuming that you experience the ill effects of yeast or bacterial disease, against contagious or anti-toxin
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